Monday, November 24, 2014

Choosing Lingerie

Blondes Don’t Sell Lingerie Well, According To Science, But I Kinda Beg To Differ

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Lingerie Startup Finds That Blondes Don’t Sell Bras

Photo: Adore Me/Facebook Lingerie start-up Adore Me uses A/B testing methodically... 

Someone’s Attempt To Censor This Lingerie Ad Turned The Poor Model Into …

Happy Friday, guys! It is time for another instalment of “Can you believe these... 

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Romance, Lust & Passion

What did your parents teach you about love?

Typically for their generation, my father did his Incredibly Important Job, while... 

Inside Kieren Perkins’ stunning Italian wedding

Kieren and Karen Perkins share their wedding day in this week’s New Idea,... 

Do holiday romances work out? They did for these married couples

Accounts manager Jodie Spencer, 28, met printworks production manager Richard, 29,... 

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Latest Lingerie News

American Eagle Stopped Airbrushing Lingerie Models And Sales Are Soaring

American Eagle has ditched PhotoShop for lingerie ads — and customers are flocking to the brand. Since January, ads for the company’s Aerie line have featured models without airbrushing. “We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign,” brand representative Jenny Altman told Good... [Read more of this review]

Serena Williams Looks Strong, Sexy and Awesome in These Lingerie Ads

Australian bra company Berlei has signed Serena Williams as their newest brand ambassador. The number-one women’s tennis champ features in their latest bra campaign and shows her flaunting her strong and sexy figure. Being a world-class sports star, of course she had some inspirational things to say about loving your body and what it can do; she... [Read more of this review]

This Lingerie Company A/B Tests The World’s Hottest Women To See Who …

Sex doesn’t sell, so forget the boudoir shot. Blondes don’t work. Props distract. Couches are fine. Playing with hair is ideal. Those are some of the insights the lingerie company Adore Me has learned from testing the photos of models wearing its sexy products online. For each bra, Adore Me shoots multiple versions of images to run on its... [Read more of this review]

Jaime King Mocks Kim Kardashian With Cheeky Lingerie Photo

If anything, Kim Kardashian‘s Paper Magazine cover has certainly taught us that it’s okay to show off our bodies — and Jaime King clearly agrees! The Sin City actress gave the reality star a run for her money when she posted this seriously sexy photo on Instagram showing off her tush in lingerie. She captioned the risque shot, “#HelmutNewtonVibes... [Read more of this review]

What A Cheek! Jaime King Pulls A Kim Kardashian In Lingerie Snap

She may not have broken the Internet but she has made a lot of people smile. Because Jaime King had her own version of Kim Kardashian’s infamous shiny butt image by strutting through a studio lot in some sexy lingerie... [Read more of this review]

Jaime King pulls a ‘Kim’ and gets cheeky in lingerie and heels while on LA …

By Cassie Carpenter for MailOnline Published: 22:57 EST, 15 November 2014 | Updated: 04:21 EST, 16 November 2014 62 View comments Jaime King ‘pulled a Kim Kardashian’ on Saturday and shared a cheeky Instagram of herself strutting through a LA studio lot clad... [Read more of this review]

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