Body Heat Self Warming Vibe Review

First off let me say that when we’re looking at a product as expensive as the new Body Heat Self Warming Vibe, we really should expect something quite spectacular…and this vibrator doesn’t disappoint!

Deceptively Subtle?

At first glance of the non-descript packaging it’s pretty vague about what the Body Heat Vibe really does that makes it any different to the number of other less expensive heated vibrators available. But don’t be fooled, once you open up the packaging and see what’s inside you can see just what it is that makes this g-spot vibrator so special.

On Closer Inspection…

…we find the 7″ shaft sits on top of a 3.5″ base where the controls are located. The shaft contains rotating pleasure beads throughout it’s entire length which can be controlled via the panel on the base. It has 3 different rotation programs, each with 8 adjustable speeds.

The main shaft is housed in 100% silicone sheath which has a series of stimulating ridges going up it’s length and a ‘curved arrowhead’ tip at the top for g-spot stimulation. Inside the main shaft is where the embedded heating coils are located, along with a digital temperature stabalizer which keeps the vibrator’s temperature steady at the temperature you select.

The Body Heat Vibe comes with a rechargable lithium battery that’s easy to insert and easily recharged by plugging the included power supply into the vibrator’s recharge port located on the bottom of the base.

2 Toys In 1

The main shaft of the vibrator has a rabbit style clitoral stimulatorwhich is adjustable, meaning you can slide it up and down the length of the main shaft depending on the depth you need to insert the vibrator for g-spot stimulation. No more thrusting away to stimulate your g-spot whilst the rabbit hits you painfully in the clit!

The clit stimulator is also completely detachable and self-powered making it a vibrator in it’s own right.

And…If you’re fortunate to have a partner who is blessed with a penis at least the girth of the Body Heat Vibe then the removable rabbit clit stimulator can also double up as a vibrating cock ring. Just slip it on and enjoy!

Worth The Extra Money?

All in all the Body Heat Self Warming Vibe does exactly what it claims to do and does it pretty well.

Is it worth the extra money? When compared with similar vibrators this really is that much better and it would be easy to justify spending a little extra money to get this over one of the cheaper models.

There are a few features of this vibe that really make it stand out from the crowd – The detachable rabbit/clit vibrator, the perfectly ridged shaft and the way it feels to use overall.

It could do with being waterproof, but I’m happy to sacrifice that minor feature for the others this provides.