Types of lingerie

For those new to the world of lingerie and wanting something sexy or maybe you’re buying for someone else? The main thing is knowing what you’re doing, before you go to the store. There are many types of lingerie, each having a purpose. Camisole – Short and loose fitting top. Can be worn with jacket, […]

Pocket rocket plus review

I should start this review out with an apology. I got the last pocket rocket plus by doc Johnson. While I have wanted a Doc Johnson pocket rocket plus for quite some time, I find realistic colors to be off-putting and was primarily interested in one of the beautiful, funky-colored versions. I have a realistically […]

Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle Dildo Review

The concept of being penetrated by tentacles is usually the reserve of dodgy black market Japanese hentai movies. But now, thanks to those wonderful people over at Whipspider Rubberworks you too can get fucked by a tentacle!   In case you’ve never heard of Whipspider Rubberworks I’ll give you a quick rundown. They’re a team […]

Body Heat Self Warming Vibe Review

First off let me say that when we’re looking at a product as expensive as the new Body Heat Self Warming Vibe, we really should expect something quite spectacular…and this vibrator doesn’t disappoint! Deceptively Subtle? At first glance of the non-descript packaging it’s pretty vague about what the Body Heat Vibe really does that makes […]