Lingerie Shopping Do’s and Dont’s

When it comes to shopping for lingerie, knowing the types of lingerie is only the start. There are other things that need to be known to make the task less scary. The first step is educating yourself on what to do and not do, so let’s get to it.

Get fitted by an expert if possible – This allows you to get the proper fitting lingerie, which helps you feel more comfortable and it will look amazing too!

Build from the ground up – If you are new to lingerie shopping, start your wardrobe starting with a bra and panty set. Avoid the three-piece garter sets right off.

High quality fabrics –There are many materials and fabrics used for lingerie, but you want to start out looking for the high quality fabrics to make things easier. Don’t be scared of whimsy stuff, if you like something you should get it because you’ll feel better wearing it.

Love it or leave it –Because lingerie is the first thing you are going to be putting on for the day, you should love it. It needs to be comfortable, make you feel good and make you feel pretty. If it doesn’t make you feel this way, you should leave it.

Wash lingerie by hand – If you value your lingerie, the best way to wash it is by hand. This is because lingerie is very delicate and machines can damage it. Using a sink full of water and some lingerie wash, you’re go to go.