Most Expensive lingerie

Lingerie That You Probably Can’t Afford

Expensive lingerie is something that women always dream about. Most women just resort to buying $1 bras from the nearest store they can find. But, a few women with exceptionally great taste dream about undergarments like La Perla. But, guess what? The “expensive” La Perla wasn’t expensive enough to make this list. Below we’ve mentioned three brands that are so expensive, you might think they’re hiding diamonds in the panties.

  1. Bordelle

Founded back in early 2007, Bordelle mixes classical designs with modern ones and the results come out pretty frickin’ amazing. You can call it dirty, sexy or kinky; but the lingerie isn’t for people with thin wallets. Even a single piece starts from $500 and can go up to $2000.

  1. Carine Gilson

This brand has been around for quite a long time. The brand only uses the finest silk with the softest laces to create pieces that are a treat for every woman. Every item on their list is handcrafted to perfection. Their pieces start from $300 and can go up to $1500.

  1. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is sort of responsible for introducing the world to expensive lingerie. They broke the typical price tag and created pieces of art that are worth paying a fortune to get. But, we do think that most people will be familiar with this brand. With more than a few versions of $1000 robes, AP has earned their way to this list.

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