Pocket rocket plus review

I should start this review out with an apology. I got the last pocket rocket plus by doc Johnson.

While I have wanted a Doc Johnson pocket rocket plus for quite some time, I find realistic colors to be off-putting and was primarily interested in one of the beautiful, funky-colored versions. I have a realistically colored penis already, attached to Mr. Kat, and don’t need a toy to look real. Although there are a few companies out there that have mastered the realistic coloring, a lot of attempts just look creepy and fake. Too light and ghostly, too orangey-brown, too pink (did I just say that?)– you get the idea. I just want something that looks fun and fake from the get-go, y’all.

Man, oh man. I love the Pocket rocket plus. The material is one of the best I have ever used. Vixskin is a firm inner core, wrapped in super squishy, plush silicone. It is neither glossy nor matte. While it has no shine, it has a substantial amount of drag that comes from the squishiness of the silicone. The core does not extend all the way into the tip of the dildo, which leaves the head soft and pliable.

On to the review.


How does the Pocket Rocket Plus compare?

Pocket rocket plus
Pocket rocket plus


With a dildo this size, dual-density silicone makes it possible for more people to use…which is good, because this is a pretty damn big dildo. Coming in right at 7” long and 2” diameter…that means a 6.28” circumference! The squishy outer layer is much easier to take than a firm dildo would be.  For more info on vibrators check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vibrator_%28sex_toy%29 and http://www.bustle.com/articles/24049-are-vibrators-addictive-or-numbing-our-sex-therapist-has-your-answer.

The Pocket rocket plus vibrator is on the large side of the toys I typically play with, but it is definitely not too big. It feels especially good after I have warmed up with other toys or have had sex with my partner, but it is not difficult for me to insert, even if I haven’t warmed up yet.

Even though this is a tie-bright Maverick, it still looks very realistic. It has a urethral opening and a defined head which I love.

How it works

This vibrator actually has two ridges to add to the stimulation. And those ridges do WORK. This thing will not stop on the g-spot. I typically need a more firm toy to cum from g-spot stimulation, but this one makes me feel so full that the stimulation is relentless. The ridges go all the way around the dildo so you have stimulation on all sides.
It has a slight curve, that makes it easier to stimulate the g-spot or p-spot, but it straightens out near the base.

My base was poured differently so I cannot attest to the strength of the suction cup, but most Mavericks do in fact possess a suction cup base. The base on mine is a pearly, swirled white and very pretty. It is harness compatible, although the sheer weight of this dildo might be difficult to use in a harness without making the harness droop.

The Pocket rocket plus by Doc Johnson, and all other Vixen toys, comes packaged in a clear plastic tube that has black caps on either end. The tube features the Vixen logo and says “Vixskin Worth Every Inch.” The tube is clear, so it is not very discreet as to what the contents are.  That’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

Wrapping up

Because the vibrator is silicone, it can be sterilized in a multitude of ways, including soap and water, toy cleaner, alcohol, a 10% bleach solution, boiling or even sticking it in the dishwasher.

I love the Pocket Rocket Plus and I cannot thank Vixen enough for letting me try one. Vixskin material feels awesome, it is a good, big size and the colors of mine are especially fun.

This toy was provided to me at no charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.