Popular naughty lingerie

Women often overlook the important of naughty lingerie. Mostly, it’s because they’re single and they think that there is no point in buying expensive lingerie. But, the truth is that lingerie isn’t meant to show-off to your partner, it’s meant to give you that extra bit of confidence. Only you know about the sexy stuff you’re hiding under your blouse and that feeling is the reason most women drop hundreds of dollars on their undergarments. So, without further ado, let’s do justice to the title of this article and get into the top three brands that make the naughtiest lingerie money can buy…

  1. Strumpet & Pink

This brand is the pure definition of naughty and innocent. Their lingerie is a collaboration between Lisa Z. Morgan and Melanie Probert and we’d call them the Picasso of their profession. Morgan and Probert have done extensive research to discover the extent of the border between innocence and sensuality and produced hand-made, humorously-named lingerie that every woman deserves.

  1. Felice Art Couture

Felice Art Couture is a brand that creates BDSM inspired lingerie. Their exquisite products contain hints of gold and glass making them an expensive investment. Unlike most BDSM-lingerie, their products are extremely soft and feel great on the skin.

  1. Silja Manninen

Silja Manninen is a Finnish designer whose lingerie is currently selling like hot cakes. Her products are currently only sold online at her store. Her bondage wear is kinky enough for the bed and appropriate enough to wear outdoors. Snag a couple right now because they sure as hell won’t last long.

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