Review: Contour Q massage stones

Babeland graciously offered me the opportunity to review another massage product–the stones of JimmyJane Contour Q Massage! I’m a massage therapist, as I said before, and I’m always looking for something to help me do my job better.

Although these stones are porcelain, there was never any danger that during shipping they would break inside the package because the Contour Q stones came in a very secure box. Also, the box was attractive enough to keep it around, if desired, to store your stones.

There were two stones inside the package. The stones are made of double fired porcelain, not porous, and are very hygienic and well made. Each is the same basic shape, with a bulbous middle at the ends narrow. But there are different shapes on the bulbous mids. One has striated bumps, and all over the other has small nubs.

The various shapes provide various uses that I found incredibly helpful. The striated stone is excellent when running my forearms, which for me is a problem area. I tend to get terribly tight all day from massaging other people, so finding a quick and easy way to alleviate my own pain was nice. I also found that because the stones are small enough for the palm, the striated stone was excellent when performing some longitudinal friction on the upper shoulders / back (as shown in the video).

The nubby stone is especially good for the feet. The idea is to put the stone on the floor and run along your foot, the stone you need relief in the area. Very powerful. I also used the nubby stone on the shoulders / back (as shown in the video) and it was wonderful to increase the area’s vascularity, which is important for the healing process.

Another great feature of these stones is that they are friendly with temperature. The narrow ends are great, especially when cool, to massage your temples for a headache. To get a nice cooling effect, you can either run them under cold water or pop them in the fridge. For some reason, the insert suggests avoiding the base of the skull (where it meets your neck), but my opinion is that if you are gentle and aware of where the bones are, using some cold therapy with these stones is an excellent place. This is where most headaches originate after all. Just be cautious.

You can place the stones in some hot water for a little heated relaxation. The idea is to replicate a hot stone massage, and in that arena I think these stones definitely hold their own. They transmit heat easily and hold on well to it.

You can boil them or wipe them with bleach or toy wipes to clean these stones. This toy is universally lube friendly, but I would stick with a basic lotion or massage oil since you don’t use it vaginally or anally (you aren’t, right? It’s not safe).

For a few details now: 1.5′′ Wx 2.7′′H.
Box comes with two stones.
Hygienic and non-porous thanks to Babeland once again! These are fantastic stones.