Review: Fun Factory Gigolo G2

I’m going to admit that. It was very difficult for me to write this review. For a few months now, I had the Fun Factory Gigolo G2 and I was afraid to put words into exactly how I feel about it.

First of all, the Gigolo G2 is a quality product according to the standard of all Fun Factory sex toys. It is made of plastic with a silicone sleeve of 100 percent over the shaft. Splash proof, simple checks, and very quiet, it’s a great toy making. But the intensity of the vibration was where I ran into trouble. True, I wasn’t expecting a level of vibration from Hitachi, but I was expecting at least enough to get off clitorally… and there was disappointment. No matter how long I’ve been working on it, using the Gigolo G2 I just couldn’t get off.

I hear you say, “Can’t you use this as a toy that’s warm?”Absolutely. This thing isn’t cheap, though. I think it’s better to get me off if I spend $70. And while 2 AA batteries are not indicative of shatteringly strong earth vibrations, I have other toys using AAA batteries and packing a much more powerful punch. It’s just…. unleashed.

In an attempt to avoid being a total bust of the Gigolo G2, I tried to use it to stimulate the g-spot. Again, I ran into the same disappointment feelings. I’m not one for internal vibration, it should be known. The feeling tends to make me feel uncomfortable, so my plan was to use the Gigolo G2 alone to thrust. It seemed to have a decent, moderately girthy shape, which meant hitting the g-spot. It wasn’t stiff enough, unfortunately. I found the silicone too squishy to stimulate me properly. The only satisfaction I got out of the Gigolo G2 was just the “filled” feeling I got with insertion, as it’s an insertable length of 1 3/4′′ diameter and 6 3/4′′.

So while I can’t say enough good things about Fun Factory, their product quality, and their customer service, I’m afraid I’ve got to give the Gigolo G2 a resounding thumb down. It’s just not done the job for me. The Gigolo G2 could be perfect for you if you’re looking for low / moderate level vibrations and a quality product! If not, Fun Factory is offering a myriad of other products, all made flawlessly. Head over to Fun Factory to pick up a Gigolo G2 or one of its fabulous vibrators for Click and Charge.

Thanks to Fun Factory for having sent me a review of the Gigolo G2!