Review: Gun Oil

You’ve been fooling around for a while and the pants are finally coming off. You want his cock in your hands. You are willing to give him the handwork of all handwork.

With his cock, you’re confident in your abilities. He knows that, you know that. But you reach for the new lube you’ve purchased just to switch things up a bit. A few squirts into your hand and you set off to do the best evar handwork. Things only begin to get….. pasty….. sticky….. not exactly slick after about 3 and a half minutes.

Not to be dissuaded, you are adding a few more squirts of this new lube and returning to work. Alas, you have the same problem three and a half minutes later. So you decide to finish things off with a blow job instead of succumbing to the neediness of this lube.

Your tongue touches his cock and you’re shocked to find it’s not the usual inviting taste and flavor of the man with whom you are. Instead, all over him you taste a bitter, chemical flavor.

And then you remember why you’re using Gun Oil only.

Ladies, Gents. I submit for your consideration that none other than Gun Oil is the greatest lube of all time.

Fascinations Adult Superstore gave me the pleasure of reviewing this amazing silicone lube and I couldn’t be a bigger fan of this stuff. I used a lot of lubes in my life, guys, and I’m going to say, hands down, that’s my favorite lube ever.

First of all, as mentioned, there is none of that pasty, sticky residue that is so common with lubes based on water. And there’s none of that gloopy, drippy, sensation of many silicone-based lubes all over the place. Gun Oil is the perfect consistency indeed.

Second, it’s stupid! This lube has absolutely zero flavor. I tasted a lot of lubes that could either have a bitter, gross taste, or even a sweet, sweet flavor. You taste anything you put on your tongue with Gun Oil–nothing more.

Gun Oil has maintained continuous friction for more than 20 minutes each time I use it either on my own or with a partner. And while I rarely use plain, old digital stimulation to get myself off, I found Gun Oil incredibly suitable for the occasion due to the myriad of sex toys I own.

So when are you not supposed to use Gun Oil? With toys based on silicone, of course. But it’s all fine, plastic, stainless steel, wood, penis and glass! And like other silicone lubricants, once you’re done, you’ll want to remove the lube.

Would you like to try Gun Oil on your own? Do it! Do it!

Once again thank you to Fascinations for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing lube!

Ingredients: Aloe Leaf Extract, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Vitamin E