Review: Under the Bed Restraints

I love being bound. There’s something to be restrained that makes a sexy experience into an extra naughty fuck that’s hot like fire. The only problem is, there’s a lot of the restraint gear out there that’s shoddy and it doesn’t actually get the job done to restrain. Also, finding restraints to accommodate you can be tricky if you don’t have a headboard.

Under the Bed Restraints
Under the Bed Restraints

Fascinations, a sex toy shop with a reputation for carrying only the highest quality toys, decided to send me a review of the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints. Knowing that Sportsheets also has a pretty flawless reputation, I was hoping that my search for reliable restrictions would be over.

Fortunately, for me to love them, it only took one use of these restrictions. They are user friendly, comfortable, strong and unobtrusive.
The set includes four ankle / wrist cuffs, four 60′′ straps, a 60′′ connector strap and fits on a mattress of any size. You put it together by simply placing the four straps on top of the box spring at each corner of the bed (or two at the head, two at the foot) and under the mattress and connecting the connector strap in the middle. It’s IT, guys! That’s so easy!

Although if you set it up in the heat of passion, it could be a mood killer, the beauty of these restrictions is that you can keep them in place all the time. Under the mattress, cuffs and all, if not in use, they tuck discreetly back to keep them easily accessible when the mood strikes.

Under the Bed Restraints
Under the Bed Restraints

My partner volunteered to be the first restrained partner. He found them very comfortable and VERY STRONG. He couldn’t move at all once I had him restrained. No matter how he tugged or yanked, even the slightest leeway, which was perfect, would not be given by the restraints.

When we tried them out another night, I volunteered to be restrained…… a brave move after what I put through him as the guinea pig for the restraints during his stint! He was kind enough to relax the restraints a little so I could wiggle and squirm more freely, but not so much so that I could’ escape.’
I was surprised that the inside of the cuffs was soft! Throughout the whole time, I wiggled and struggled, and not once did my wrists or ankles feel burned or raw friction. I also found them to be extremely strong…. you really need a partner you trust to use them, because I can’t see how without help you can get out of them.

Velcro and metal clasps attach the cuffs and can also be used without the rest of the restraint system. For a “hog tied” type of position, you can easily hook the wrist cuffs together in the back or even attach all the wrist and ankle cuffs.

Under the Bed Restraints Summary

The Restraints Under the Bed are made of black neoprene and nylon, so they are very durable and easy to clean with just a few soapy water in a sink. Hang on to dry, as it would probably melt the nylon by placing the restraints in a dryer. They’re pretty simple, aesthetically –which isn’t to say, unattractive. In fact, I think the pragmatic design of the plain black straps and cuffs is good for creating an austere bondage play environment. The packaging is the only complaint that I have about the Under the Bed Restraints System. It comes in a container of cheap plastic clamshell style…. I think if Sportsheets had gone with more posh packaging, it would be clearer if you were dealing with a product of high quality.

I like these restrictions very much. Whether this set is awesome for beginners or those seasoned bondage players. Thanks to Fascinations for the review of the Under the Bed Restrictions!