Take me back home.

We left the party, unable to hold each other’s hands off along the gravel road to the vehicle. The night was dense with humidity and the sulfurous smell of fireworks. I was stumbling in the dark, working to maintain me upright.

Bracing myself on the vehicle, as I wrapped my arm around his neck, he pressed himself against my body. In tiny bursts of kisses he bathed my neck and I discovered myself excitedly digging my nails into his shoulder. I could feel how hard he was already, and I couldn’t stop reaching in and grabbing him in my bare hands. His cock, rigid and sticky, acknowledged my lengthy delayed attention with gratitude.

He opened my door and guided me to the seat of the passenger. Before moving to the driver’s seat, my hand was already in my panties, fucking me with his cock’s fingers still sticky.

He climbed into the vehicle and kissed me and joined mine with his fingers. My body clenched around our fingers. Before we even left the driveway, I dropped with excitement.

As we wounded the country road, the darkness that surrounded us, I knew we couldn’t wait the 15-mile drive to my location…. I had to taste him, I wanted him to fuck my face.

On my seat, I knelt and draped myself to him. He knew what I wanted, hesitating above his exposed cock. I stretched out my tongue slightly with my mouth open, saliva dripping onto him, and teased him with a soft lick. He grabbed my hair-filled fist and thrust my throat down his cock.

Tears running down my cheeks, gagging and coughing, I was prepared to cum as quickly as he began to fuck me face. He pushed himself deep into my mouth over and over, using my hair as a guide, as we drove across the nation that night.

Mascara ran down my cheeks by the moment we arrived at my location and his cock was wet with my saliva. When he threw me down and fucked me, we barely made it through the front gate.