Top 3 Lingerie Blogs

Other than my own of course…

When it comes to Lingerie fanatics like ourselves, it’s important that we have resources to read about every new thing in the world of undergarments. Women obsessed with lingerie need reliable sources and we’re here to provide just that. We’ve compiled a list of three lingerie blogs, that’ll inform you of the new details in the lingerie business.

  1. Place de la Dentelle

From the name, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a French blogs but there are posts in English as well. Place de la Dentelle is great for women that like a variety of different lingerie designs. From large bras to small ones, they feature lingerie from every great designer in the world.

  1. The Lingerie Raven

This blog is meant for women that like to see some reviews before they drop money on their lingerie. The blog works like a review site and the bloggers are nice enough to say when the review is a paid testimonial and when it is just a personal review.

  1. Wishful Inking

Wishing Inking expresses the beautiful world linked with women and lingerie. Their drawings and illustrations are some of the best on the internet. The blog is a must-visit for every lingerie enthusiast.