Types of lingerie

For those new to the world of lingerie and wanting something sexy or maybe you’re buying for someone else? The main thing is knowing what you’re doing, before you go to the store. There are many types of lingerie, each having a purpose.

Camisole – Short and loose fitting top. Can be worn with jacket, sweater, or just panties.

Chemises – Short nightgowns which are often designed with light material to make then fun and frilly.

Baby Doll – When it comes to lingerie, this is one of the hottest items. It’s a short nightgown that rests just above the hips. Using a knot or clasp at the bust, the rest flows away from their body.

Teddy – Similar in style to a single piece swimsuit, this lingerie is a mix of a short top and undies.

Bustier – A top that fits well, fastened in the back to accentuate the wearers bust.

Corsets –These are similar to a bustier, but provide a stronger and tighter fit. It is common for corsets to give the wearer an hourglass figure, but could be worn loose as a top.

Kimonos – Robes which are often worn over more revealing styles of lingerie. It allows the wearer to feel more comfortable when she hardly has anything on.

Thongs –If you’ve not been under a rock the past decade, chances are you’ve seen a thong. It’s similar to G-String, just with a bit more material running up the back. Whereas, a G-string is simply a string.

Boy Shorts – Small shorts worn below the underwear and often have a lacy design.