We-Vibe, Sexologist Dr. Trina Read Team Up To Offer Tips

OTTAWA, OntarioEven the most loving couples find it difficult to make room for romance with today’s demanding schedules. And with kids in the house, it can be challenging to find the right time and place for sex. Indeed, as many as six out of 10 parents polled by Care.com confess they are too tired for romance.

According to Dr. Trina Read, sexologist and author of Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible, the good news is that summer is the perfect time for parents to re-ignite their romance. What’s more, there’s a sexy new product that will get parents romantic engines revved up in no time: We-Vibe 3.

“Because of our busy lives it’s easy for a couple to lose touch with each other and get into a sex routine-rut,” said Read. “Now that kids are heading off for camp and work schedules are a bit more relaxed, summer time is perfect for parents to reconnect romantically and bring a fun, sexy spark back into their relationship.”

Here are a few ways couples can ramp up the romance this summer:


Book a “Sexy Staycation”: Take advantage of the fact your kids are at camp and arrange a “sexy staycation.” Convert your house into a romantic haven: buy new silk sheets, scented candles and massage oil. Read said, “Also spend this time finding ways to send your sex drive into overdrive. The We-Vibe 3, the world’s best selling couples’ massager, is ideal for people looking to enhance the passion, pleasure and inject more fun into their intimate relationship.”

Unlike other vibrators, the We-Vibe 3′s unique C-shape has been designed for wear during intercourse to maximize pleasure for both partners. What’s more, it allows couples to share the vibrations it delivers from two custom-engineered motors offering six thrilling vibration modes for stimulation of both the clitoris and G-spot. Not only is We-Vibe 3 small and discreet, but it now has a wireless remote control that enables couples to use their imagination and easily select desired vibration modes. All of this can happen without interruption so as not to kill the mood or momentum. The We-Vibe 3 also has a waterproof design making it the perfect toy for those who like to think outside the box … and the bedroom.


Heat Up the Romance…Cook a Sensual Dinner Together: When constantly “on the go,” couples tend to fall back on fast food or takeout dinners that leave little time for conversation, let alone romantic conversation. This summer, couples should carve out time to cook dinner together. Cooking as a couple can be a sensuous experience, allowing romantic partners to be playful with tastes, textures and colors.


Sun Your Way to a Sexy Experience: Summer is known as the most erotic and sensual time of the year. It’s not only a time to re-appreciate your significant other in sexy swim wear, but vitamin D—produced when the body is exposed to sunlight—is linked to higher levels of sex hormones. Simply put, a little extra sun time can boost arousal. So, let the UV rays be the first round of foreplay.